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Steve Austin says there’s very little chance for a WrestleMania 32 comeback, says Roman Reigns is still “green”

Stone Cold Steve Austin was interviewed on yesterday’s PWTorch Livecast with Wade Keller.

Austin talked about “Broken Skull Challenge” on CMT and says he’s very critical of himself and talks about how he cringes at some of the things he did in his matches. At the end of the day he is happy with the way the show turned out but knows that there are always going to be ways to imrove the show. He said that he’s getting some fans that recognize him from the show.

Keller asked Austin what his thoughts were on Roman Reigns. Austin said that he likes Reigns and thinks he’s a talented guy but at this point he’s too “green” and doesn’t have the body of work to get the push right now. He said that Reigns needs to improve in order to carry that [WWE title] belt. Austin said that Seth Rollins could end up being one of the greatest heels of this generation.

A caller asked about Hulk Hogan inducting Randy Savage into the WWE Hall of Fame. He said that he had no comment on this but that it was a bit strange. He said that he was under the assumption that there wes heat between Savage and Hogan but he understands that Hogan has star power but if it were up to him he’d have Lanny induct him. (Note: Lanny indicated on Chris Jericho’s podcast that he will be giving the speech).

Austin was asked about WrestleMania 32 and whether filling up the AT&T Stadium in Dallas with 100,000 fans inspires him to return for that show. Austin said that he’s “happy being left out of the equation.” Austin said that there’s only a “frog’s hair” of a chance of him doing a comeback match.

It’s a great interview and there’s tons of topics discussed. He also talks a little bit about WCW, ECW, Cesaro and how Austin feels that his presentation has been screwed up, dropping the United States title to Jim Duggan, the Vince McMahon podcast, and more.

Listen to Austin’s interview by clicking on the player below.

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