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Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestling one final match in Dallas at WrestleMania 32? Details on what Austin said here

Wade Keller interviewed Stone Cold Steve Austin on the PWTorch livecast last Friday. Keller asked Austin if he has any plans to return to the ring. Austin said,

I'll reserve my right to if I want to have another match down the road - say, like, Dallas, Texas is going to be (WrestleMania) 32. Now, 31 is right down the road from me. That could be doable, but I don't see it happening. Now, Dallas, that could be very special going back to Texas for 32. They're going to need a loaded card to fill that house. So, I'll reserve my right. But, am I pushing, pandering, selling, promoting? Nothing.

Keller asked him if he'd do it if it was the right opponent and right city with a big commitment to get in wrestling shape. Austin responded,

You're hitting it right on the head. For me, really, to be in premiere shape to do something like that - oh, people say pro wrestling is a work. It is a work, but it's intense and if you haven't been around doing it on the road, you're not in shape. Really, you would have to go into at least a 3-to-4-month training campaign to get ready and focus solely on that match.

Now, the match itself shouldn't be that complex. It's getting into the proper shape, getting into the mindset, getting the body back, taking the bumps, getting the timing down, knocking off all the ring rust because you can't go in there having all the ring rust if this is the final, final or just another big match that hasn't happened in 12, 13, 14 years. You don't take that lightly.

And then on the other end of that is the micro-management that is the system these days. It's a little bit different. I'm not going to sit here and be the bitter ex-wrestler. I'm "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, I'm in the Hall of Fame, and I had a blast in the business of professional wrestling. But, these days, it's a little more micro-managed. Man, when I was running white-hot as Stone Cold, I could do and say whatever I wanted. And, I had a great business relationship with Vince (McMahon). There was friction here and there, but we would talk about what we were going to do and we would go do it.

So, to go back, I don't know that I could be micro-managed to such a large degree. I want to come, do my thing, and get out of dodge the way I want to do it with my creative freedom, liberties, and everything that goes with it.

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You can listen to the interview with Austin by clicking here.