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Stone Cold Steve Austin WWE comeback rumors picking up steam

As we've been noting here on, there has been a lot of speculation that Steve Austin may be returning to WWE for one last match at WrestleMania 31. Austin noted on his podcast that he was "training for a comeback" and WWE has asked for mass production of Steve Austin merchandise.

Apparently, within WWE the word is that there is talk of Austin taking on a bigger role in the company in 2015 so that will fuel fire to the rumors that are already out there. Whether that means that Austin returns to the ring one more time or if that just means that Austin will be making more appearances on WWE TV, time will tell.

As we noted before, Austin has said publicly that if he were to do one more match it would need to make sense creatively and financially and he would need about 6 months to get into ring shape. We are about 6 months away from WrestleMania.

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