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Stone Cold Steve Austin's WWE return could extend beyond WrestleMania, more matches



During the latest "We're Live, Pal" podcast, Andrew Zarian and Garrett Gonzales talked about Stone Cold Steve Austin's return to WWE and the possibility of Austin wrestling more after WrestleMania.

"I don't think it's officially signed, signed but what was said to me is that this is as close as we've ever gotten," Zarian said.

Zarian said that based on things he has heard, he doesn't think that Austin's match at Mania will be a one-off deal.

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"And the other thing is, I don't think this is a one-off. This is again, my speculation based on what was said. If he is having a match, right? If he's actually going to have a match and it's not just him coming out stunning Kevin Owens and getting a 1-2-3 and making the three-second, you know, bit, which is very possible, they could do that they could announce it and something could happen. I would think, you know, you convince this man that you've been trying to convince for 17 years to come back. You finally have now convinced them you're gonna only do one? I think Saudi Arabia had offered him like a $3 million a match offer right?"

"I would if he does do something with Kevin Owens, this would not be a one-off. They would want to capitalize on a larger thing. But you know, he did do that interview I think it was for one of the social channels and [they said] give me your top three opponents. [He said] Brock Lesnar...He definitely said Lesnar, but yeah, that's another match, you know..."

Here is the clip of saying Lesnar's name when he was asked about which current Superstar he'd like to face:

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