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Stone Cold talks about Hulk Hogan calling him a coward, hasn't spoken to The Undertaker

Stone Cold Steve Austin was interviewed by Adam Stephen Kelly for Rolling Stone. The interview was conducted before his live video podcast with Vince McMahon. Here are some highlights:

On whose idea it was to do the podcast with Vince McMahon:

Back in the day I'd reached out to him just in passing about being on the show. A couple of months ago [WWE] came to L.A. for SummerSlam and we were trying to put it together then, but he didn't have the time to fit me in. Then they were going to fly me to Stamford but I didn't want to go all that way to do a podcast [laughs]. So we've wanted to do this thing for a while. I guess timing is everything and so someone from WWE reached out to me and said, "Hey, what do you think about doing your podcast live on the WWE Network?" and I said, "Man, that would be awesome." It's a win-win for both parties.

On possibly getting The Undertaker or Hulk Hogan on his podcast:

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The last time I talked to Hulk was at SummerSlam, but I didn't even bring up the podcast because we were just sitting in the hallway. Now he's been making the rounds calling me a coward, trying to get a match out of me [laughs], so I've not talked to Hulk Hogan. When I asked Undertaker to be on the show it was right before he went to the ring at WrestleMania 30. Of course, the streak was broken that night and I haven't heard from him since. We've never really traded phone calls or text messages, there's just a lot of mutual respect there.

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