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Storyline plans for AJ Styles were scrapped when Vince McMahon moved him to SmackDown

As noted last weekend, AJ Styles’ moving to the WWE SmackDown brand was a late decision, likely in reaction to the declining ratings.

However, Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that there were long-term plans for Styles on Raw but those plans were dropped. Meltzer noted that Styles was supposed to get several new babyfaces on Raw over to a new level but that never happened. This was discussed by Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez during a larger discussion about Apollo Crews winning the United States Championship. Although Crews looked great on Monday, history shows that McMahon will give up on wrestlers such as Crews and the odds are against Crews becoming a top babyface.

“AJ was there to make new babyfaces, that was what he was there for,” Meltzer said. “How many new babyfaces did he make? None. He didn’t even lose on the way out. Well, he lost to The Undertaker but that didn’t but that does nobody any good.”

Meltzer went on to list some of the names that were supposed to be put over by Styles.

“My point is that every one of these guys from Ricochet to Cedric Alexander to Humberto Carrillo – every single one of them was supposed to be in a big feud with AJ where they would get over and they would win the title and not one of them did.”

Meltzer mentioned Apollo Crews winning the United States Championship but not having confidence that he will get a big push because Vince McMahon is still in charge and this is the same Vince that nixed plans to push Crews a few years ago after people in NXT had big plans for him.

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