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Storyline spoilers for the upcoming season of Total Divas

The press release that went out this week for Total Divas gives some hints at the direction of the show for the upcoming season. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella will go on their honeymoon and Bryan’s injury will get worked into the show storyline. No word on whether or not they’ll talk about his father passing away. Brie considers getting pregnant and Nikki has issues again with John Cena because he doesn’t want any children.

Natalya and Tyson Kidd go to couples therapy and Trinity and Ariane split up just like they did in the WWE storylines. Eva Marie’s father doesn’t approve of her husband and then her father ends up getting cancer. Ariane and Vinny hint that they will get engaged. Summer Rae was gone from some of the filming due to filming for “The Marine.” Rosa Mendes will be the lead heel for the upcoming season. There will be a second wedding between Eva Marie and boyfriend Jonathan. Apparently the show producers want the twins to be at odds with each other. No word on whether the split on WWE TV was done because of the Total Divas show.

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