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Strong indication that a physical WWE Hall of Fame site is in the plans

WWE has made a deal with Dan Lambert. Lambert runs the American Top Team gym in South Florida. The deal is for WWE to get a copy of the original WWWF championship belt for a physical WWE Hall of Fame. The idea for the Hall of Fame comes from Paul “Triple H” Levesque. The talk about a physical Hall of Fame has been going on for years and there’s been rumors that Orlando would be the spot for it. Vince McMahon does not believe in a physical Hall of Fame because most of them are losing money propositions.

The belief is that the belt that Buddy Rogers wore when he lost to Bruno Sammartino on May 17, 1963 was the world title belt that Rogers won for Al Haft’s promotion in Ohio. When Rogers lost the belt to Sammartino then Vince McMahon, Sr. had a different belt made. That belt was stolen from Sammartino’s car and never seen again. Buddy Rogers got the belt back and gave it to Johnny Barend. Barend passed away three years ago. Barend’s wife found the belt after cleaning the house and gave it beltmaker David Millican and sold it to Lambert. WWE contacted Millican and asked for the belt for their physical Hall of Fame. WWE pressured Millican and Lambert didn’t want him to get into trouble since Millican is the guy that makes WWE’s belts so he traded him for that belt in exchange for a number of WWE belts.

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