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Summer Rae shares details on her Royal Rumble return and why she originally left the WWE

Summer Rae spoke with Renee Paquette on this week’s “The Sessions” to discuss her Royal Rumble return, her red hair, and why she left the WWE.

Summer Rae on being in the Rumble and her new look:

“People don’t recognize me now,” Summer laughed. “When they called me about Rumble, they said, ‘Would you be interested? Would you even consider it?’ The second thing I said was, ‘I’m red headed now.’ I think I look extremely different. Some people don’t even recognize me on socials.”

“I texted Eva Marie two days before I did it because I was using her hair dresser. I had my hair for like 34 years with the same cut, color, everything. My mom did my hair for years, and she said, ‘There’s no way I’m dying you a different color. You’ll hate it and kill me.’”

“So, I texted Eva. I said, ‘I’m thinking about doing this’, because when I first did it, it was dark red, like purple red. When I told Eva, she said, ‘You’re going to freak out, and then like two days later, you’re really going to like it.’ The blonde comes through.”

Summer talking about why she left WWE:

“I had a bone spur in the vertebrae in my neck, C4. I have thoracic outlet syndrome. I think you can live with bone spurs. Thoracic outlet syndrome is horrible. A lot of major league pitchers have it,” she shared.

“What they wanted to do was remove my first rib. Your first rib is technically your trap. In order to remove your first rib, I mean, fans come up to me and say they have the rib removed, and their scar is big. You can’t get physical therapy for two months.”

“Just to learn how to sit up in bed, when you’re missing a rib, it’s crazy. So the rib is constantly putting pressure on my nerves. I was like, ‘Absolutely not. I’m not doing that.’ I’m going to just always have physical therapy and a chiropractor.’ It was bad when I was first learning how to work out with it, but I’ve kind of learned to work around it.”

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