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SummerSlam in NYC, Freebirds in the Hall of Fame, WWE PPVs for free in the UK

There is still no word yet on what the new venue will be for SummerSlam in New York City. Madison Square Garden is not booked on that night but it's also worth noting that they are exepensive to run television shows out of. That is why you don't see them do as many shows from there, especially TV tapings.

Michael Hayes is asking fans on Facebook if Jimmy Garvin should go in if The Fabulous Freebirds get inducted into the WWE Hallof Fame. They would be the obvious choice as the main names to go in next year in Dallas. Garvin was not part of the hot run in Dallas and came in later in 1989. From 89 to 93 they were a mid-card team. I still think it would be right for them to induct Garvin though since he was still a major name in the industry before The Freebirds.

WWE pay-per-views will be airing in the UK on Sky 1 and Sky Sports 1. In the past they would air pay-per-views on Sky Box Office. I would presume that the move was made because the pay-per-views are available for a much cheaper price on the WWE Network. This may not be the best thing for WWE because it takes away the incentive for some people to order the show on the network and there are people that just order the network for the pay-per-views only.

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