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Suspect named in robbery of Rusev and Lana

lana rusev

Lana and Rusev were the most recent victims of WWE Superstar theft recently when their Memphis hotel room was broken into and they lost $500 cash and a camera. This was not a good night for most Superstars staying in that hotel actually as others experienced awful room service and Paige might have had items stolen as well.

Now it looks like pieces could come together in this case as a suspect has been named who allegedly took these items and cash from the Rusevs.

FOX affiliate channel 13 in Memphis reports that Portia Williams, who was a member of the cleaning staff at the Sheraton Hotel the Superstars were staying in, has been named a suspect in the case.

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Police say Williams told them she found Rusev's wallet in a trash can inside of a chicken box and the wallet was missing the money when she came across it. The digital camera which was stolen has yet to be recovered at this point so let's hope that turns up soon.

Williams allegedly ignored a "do not disturb" sign that was hanging on the door and went in where the theft took place from that point. Rusev said he intends on prosecuting when they discover who the culprit is and it looks like they found out who could have done it. It was also noted how Rusev didn't receive the best assistance from the hotel's security team either which the Lion Of Bulgaria has also been quite vocal about on social media.

We will keep you updated on this case as any new events unfold.