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Swoggle shares what it was like to work with Vince McMahon during the "illegitimate son" angle



Swoggle appeared on this week's "The Sessions with Renee Paquette" to talk about what it was like to work directly with Vince McMahon.

Swoggle was asked what it was like to work with directly with Vince McMahon:

"So I did the Vince's son storyline. It was, man, the biggest thing ever," he said. "The 15th anniversary episode of Raw, I had the opening segment."

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"I had two or three other segments during the show, including a pose down with Hulk Hogan. Then the closing shot was me pouring beer on Vince during a Stone Cold beer bash. Like, this shouldn't happen. It was the craziest story ever. Every week, twice a week working with him, two TVs a week, insane.”

“I always regret not asking him random things because he would have, instead of him being on his Blackberry, be like, 'Hey, tell me about Sid.' Or 'Hey, what really happened with you and Nailz? Give me the scoop.' Or like just random things. 'Hey, how was Mr. T the first time?', just stuff like from when I was a fan that I always wanted to know that he definitely would have answered and talked to me about because he's just open and he doesn't care and likes to be taken away from his business quite a bit.”

“But he was awesome. He's the ultimate perfectionist. I always say that too. Like, he will reshoot and reshoot and reshoot and reshoot until it's exactly how he wants. But when he gets it, he's happy."

Other topics covered include falling asleep during a spot with The Undertaker and stealing the show at a “WeeLC” match in 2014.

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