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Tamina on Vince McMahon’s reaction when she won the Women’s Tag Team Titles, Natalya comments on her friendship with Shayna Baszler

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Natalya and Tamina were recently interviewed on “Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette.”

They talked about Tamina’s 4,000-day path to winning her first title in WWE, how Vince McMahon reacted, praise for Tyson Kidd, and much more.

What was the conversation with Vince after you won the championships:

Tamina:  “What I loved was everything leading up to that moment.  For him to be sitting there and telling us what he wanted out of us, that’s what was the most he was leading up to everything.  When it finally happened and we got the titles, I went up to him and I was sweating.  He’s in this nice suit.  We kind of do this thing where we give each other a look like we’re going to beat the crap out of each other, but then we hug each other, kind of like a lion stalking an antelope…For me and him, that was that time and he was like, ‘Congratulations.’  All I could do was say, ‘Thank you.’  I started crying and trying to hug him and tried to hide away from the camera, but that was that moment for me.”

Natalya:  “Everybody always talks about wanting that moment with Vince where he says ‘Good job.’  Sometimes it takes a long time to get that.  It’s like when your dad says you did a good job.  You feel so excited and happy.  You feel like it’s more special to have him say you did a good job than even winning the titles.  He’s seen it all.  He’s seen everything.  Think about the thousands and thousands of matches that he’s seen and all the people that he’s worked with.  When I came back, I talked to Vince.  He said to me, ‘We did it.’  It’s funny because sometimes you don’t know how you’re going to get there.  You have to win everybody over, not just the fans, but you have to get everybody on board with your journey.  There’s so many different dynamics in WWE.  I felt so much love and support from Vince.  Vince is a very complex and dynamic character.  Of course, we all know the character Mr. McMahon, but he’s somebody that’s made my dreams come true and Tamina’s dreams come true.  Everything for me, from having that moment in Saudi Arabia, people don’t realize how hard Vince fought for the women to have a match in Saudi Arabia.  When he said, ‘We did it’, I’m like, ‘Yea, we did it.’

Natalya commenting on the crowd’s surprising reaction to Tamina at WrestleMania:

“Tamina and I, our partnership was obviously incredible.  We are really close friends in real life, but the fans at WrestleMania, they actually were a part of why we won these championships because Tamina was one of the top worldwide trends at WrestleMania.  Nobody, including the people backstage that make the decisions, nobody, even myself, had any idea that people would be cheering her name louder than anybody else during both shows.  People were chanting Tamina’s name as she was going to the top rope thinking that she was about to win.  I couldn’t believe they were so behind Tamina.  Who would have thought that somebody that had been in the shadows for a long time, kind of letting everybody else shine, would emerge as one of the biggest babyfaces in the entire WWE.”

Natalya talking about her friendship with Shayna Baszler:

“Shayna and I knew each other before she ever came to WWE.  I would go train with Shayna, Marina (Shafir), and Jessamyn (Duke) out in L.A.  That’s how I got to know Ronda (Rousey) before Ronda ever came to WWE.  That’s how I started training privately with Ronda.  What mattered to Shayna was heart and persevering.  Working with Nia, I need to say this, and Nia is going to kill me because she doesn’t want me to reveal that she’s actually a big teddy bear on the inside, because she really is, but Nia in the last six months has become somebody I absolutely love working with.  She’s stepped up so much in a leadership role, especially on RAW.  She’s somebody that I can’t tell you how much she gave to me, and especially to Tamina.  The things she wanted for us, and the vision that Nia had for us, she’s a really big part of why Tamina and I are where we are today.  Nia is a huge part of that.  I’m sorry Nia.  I had to do that.  I had to expose you, but we love you and we appreciate you.”

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