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Tamina talks her 10 year anniversary in WWE

Tamina MITB

WWE Superstar Tamina recently appeared on WWE's The Bump. The SmackDown Superstar would discuss a number of topics on the show, including her 10 year anniversary with the company.

"When I actually hear you saying it? It kind of puts me back a little bit like 'oh my gosh has it been that long already!?'" Tamina began. "I feel like it was just yesterday that when I showed up to FCW. So yeah, it's gone by very quickly but I still can't believe that it's been all it'll be almost 10 years coming up."

Tamina would then discuss her debut on Monday Night RAW alongside The Usos on May 24th, 2010.

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"When you're coming up onto the road that's a huge big deal" Tamina stated. "Sometimes you may not even get to debut, you may not even get to go on TV. When we went up? We were at the arena and they actually called us over and Vince [McMahon] wanted to check us out and see what we were about and what we looked like. Our whole demeanour together right?

Tamina then talked about how she thought her debuting along with The Usos was a 'rib.' "So when they said that we were debuting that night? I think we all just looked at each other like 'hey, this is a rib right!?' There's no way we're actually debuting tonight, and let alone against people who we absolutely love."

When Tamina and The Usos debuted they attacked the then Hart Dynasty, consisting of Natalya, Tyson Kidd and Davey Boy Smith Jr. "I mean Natalya, TJ and Harry? They were amazing through that whole thing. They helped pave a lot of things for myself, for sure, taught me a lot, you know? So when we actually went and we had to do that and I remember us sitting up and gorilla? My stomach was just like [sick], I didn't even know what to feel. I didn't, I couldn't even shake I couldn't nothing"

Having lost to Bayley at the Money In The Bank PPV it is unknown if she will remain at the top of the Women's division, as her recent rise up the ranks may have just been a one-off for the MITB.