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For anyone wondering how ex-WWE star Tammy "Sunny" Sytch is still able to post on Twitter to promote her adult content, the answer is that it's not her.

Sytch's Twitter account has remained active, despite the fact that she's been in jail for months on several DUI charges after she allegedly struck another vehicle, resulting in the death of a man near Daytona Beach, Florida.

Sytch was arrested last May and then released on a $227,500 bond but a judge later deemed her to be a danger to the community. She is currently awaiting trial while she sits in jail and faces 26 years in prison if she gets convicted.

PWInsider reports that Sytch is not able to use social media because she is still in jail and will likely remain there for a long time. Mike Johnson wrote, "She can't and she isn't. Her boyfriend James Pente is posting old content in an attempt to make money and using her Twitter account to do so, since he has access. She remains incarcerated in Volusia County, Florida and will be there for quite some time. So, if you are buying that content, it's the boyfriend you are paying, not her. It's quite even possible she has no idea he's currently doing it."

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Sytch's Twitter account tweeted the following on May 7 when it was brought up that her boyfriend might be the person running it:

"I think you are just a f**king liar. Desperate for viewers and not even worthy of me replying too anymore. Your podcast will be filled with lies down to where my car was purchased. You are a total scum bag, and you are also blocked."