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Tammy Sytch had interactions with Daytona Police last year, police officer urged Sytch to leave her boyfriend and get sober is reporting that Ormond Beach, FL Police found Tammy Sytch’s blood alcohol content level to be 0.280—3 ½ for the crash that killed 75-year-old Julian Lesseter. As previously noted, Sytch was arrested on Friday and charged nine times. The most serious charge is the DUI manslaughter.

Lesseter’s daughter filed a lawsuit against Sytch, accusing her and boyfriend James Pente of negligence with vicarious liability for renting the car that she was driving. The suit is seeking damages of $30,000. Pente has not been charged with Lasseter’s death. also reports that there were previous incidents before the crash. In December 2021, Sytch reportedly had three separate interactions with Daytona Beach Police and two of those incidents occurred back to back with one another. They have posted video at this link of a police officer telling Sytch that she needs to leave her boyfriend and to get off alcohol.

At one point, Sytch says she was looking through her boyfriend’s pants to look for a Xanax. When asked if she had a prescription, she said that her prescription was at home and she needed to take it because she relapsed and was feeling shaky. The officer noted that he had been out there before to put her in the hospital but Sytch said she doesn’t remember because she blacks out when she drinks.

The officer said that another item that was found would need to be tested but in his opinion, it was crystal meth. Sytch then asked why her boyfriend would have that in his pocket.

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