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Tammy Sytch rips on Chris Candido's family over documentary release

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We first reported on Friday that a documentary on the life of Chris Candido is being worked on. We posted the extended trailer. You can watch it by clicking here.

Tammy Sytch is not happy with Chris' family, presumably because she was apparently not asked to be a part of the DVD.

Sytch referenced our story from Friday in the tweet below and then lashed out at Candido's family.

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Sytch also posted this on her Facebook page:

a message to all of Chris Candido's family and friends: Go watch the trailer, that his drug addict of a brother made.. it is all bullshit. They NEVER supported him, in anything he did, unless they could gloat about his WWF status... and get free tickets.... I WAS THERE! I lived it with him for 16 years. I was there for the good and bad, and horrible... He died doing what he loved to do. And for 10 years now, I get blamed for not getting him to the hospital soon enough, while the doc reassured me there was nothing I could do. Shame on me. Fuck you all who think otherwise... those who know me, and him, know the REAL story.. so go support a false documentary about his life....and make the family that didn't give a shit about him, money.....sad bastards, the are. If you remember correctly, I have NEVER tried to profit off of his death, while many others have... MANY! So many "memorial shows"..where did that money go?? not to me!! not to pay his outstanding bills??!! Nowhere, but to the 'promoter's pocket' I wasnt even given an option on his burial... i was told he was being cremated, and had no say b/c we weren't legally married,,, yeah, that was my "family".. fuck them all.... Tamara Lynn Sytch