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Taz explains Why Finn Balor Was In Front Of TNA offices

As noted, Triple H was asked about Finn Balor posting a photo of himself doing the DX crotch chop outside of TNA offices last Friday in Nashville, Tennessee during the NXT media conference call yesterday.

Triple H thought it was funny but would explain that the bus driver, who took the talents everywhere on the tour, was told to take the talents to a good gym nearby, and it just so happened to be near TNA’s offices. Triple H said that Finn sent him the photo via text and said he hopes he doesn’t mind if he tweets it. HHH didn’t care, and Balor sent it out. Triple H said that it’s just out of fun and if it bothered people then they took it way too seriously.

Former WWE and TNA commentator Taz gave a different side to the story on a recent episode of The Taz Show: Bodyslams & Beyond.

Taz claims that the WWE bus broke down near TNA headquarters and that a friend with NXT texted him to tell him about it.

“I guess the [WWE] bus either broke down, or had a problem, or had to stop for whatever reason, literally, in front of that building.”

“Before Finn pumped this thing out on Twitter, someone had contacted me and said, ‘hey, the bus, our bus, stopped in Nashville right in front of the TNA office.’ I think it was a coincidence,” Taz said. “From what I hear from people I’ve talked to, not just my one buddy, somebody else at TNA [also], it actually was a coincidence!”


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