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Taz explains why the Survivor Series commentary team was ‘bad’

Having the right commentary team can surely make or break a match in professional wrestling, particularly in WWE. While the company has been successful in creating legendary duos such as Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby Heenan and Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura, there has also been unsuccessful pairings as well.

Former ECW Champion Taz recently explained on the recent episode of The Taz Show how the five-man commentary team did not work for Survivor Series. He stated that he has been a part of multi-person teams for pay-per-views, but the difference between then and now is that there was no one to take the lead in the commentating booth at Survivor Series. He also added that it did not seem organic, as opposed to the time when he was commentating, because there was real-life heat with SmackDown being viewed as the “B show.”

In addition, Taz stated that Corey Graves is a part of both brands, so it does not create a truly unique dynamic of Raw vs. SmackDown.

“It’s gotta be organic. It’s gotta be a real emotion for an announcer. These guys don’t have that. I mean, Corey Graves is on both shows. They got him doing everything.”

Taz expressed that, when he did commentary, there were distinct voices. However, no one stands out except Booker T nowadays. He said that Byron Saxton “doesn’t sound real,” “sounds like a buffoon,” “there’s nothing tough about his character,” and “there’s no credibility” behind him as far as being an in-ring competitor. He also stated that Corey Graves undermining Booker T throughout the show was “horrible,” but it was not Graves’ fault, as those lines were given to him by either Vince or Stephanie McMahon.

He said that the announcing was “bad,” as it was noticeable that both Michael Cole and Tom Phillips were taking the lead at different points of the show.

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