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Taz expresses his criticism of last Monday’s bad episode of WWE Raw


Former WWE color commentator/superstar Taz has joined many fans who have criticized the WWE for this past Monday’s episode of their flagship show, Raw, and how bad it was.

Although many people thought that this might be one of the worst episodes of Raw, it did have some notable matches including Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar) beating Bobby Roode & Chad Gable to retain the RAW Tag Team Titles, Seth Rollins beating Dolph Ziggler to retain the Intercontinental Title, and Baron Corbin & Drew McIntyre beating Finn Balor in the main event. It did lack the excitement factor that fans look for when tuning into a wrestling show. For Taz, he made it known during a recent episode of weekly Taz Show podcast that he thinks this was a very bad show if not the worst episode ever.

“Raw was really bad, ok? [It was] maybe the worst RAW ever and that sounds like an overstatement, but it’s not an overstatement. It was very bad, very bad.”

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Although Dean Ambrose and Braun Strowman were featured on the show, they didn’t appear in the ring but rather cut promos in backstage videos. Taz believes that the lack of star power of this show was a factor into why it was so bad. He thinks that WWE is in a spot where WWE Chairman Vince McMahon can’t afford to miss the ball again and play it off like it’s not a big deal.

“There is definitely for a lot of years a lot more room for Vince [McMahon] to say, ‘Ah, we swung and we missed at this one, no big deal. Alright, we swung and we missed at that, no big deal. We got a base single here. We got a double here. Woah, look at that, we got three home runs in a row. That’s not bad. We just missed again. We missed that ball again. We struck out again, no big deal.’ He can afford to do that because his brand is bigger than his talent, for the most part, unless you watched Monday night on RAW because no dis to any of the talent, but it just didn’t feel like there was star power in this thing. It just didn’t feel it.”

Taz continued by stating, “We’ve heard the narrative for so long about a man named Roman Reigns, who God willing is fighting right now and getting healthy and doing what he has to do in dealing with what he is dealing with, as all of you guys know. When I mention Roman Reigns, I’m talking about him now as the professional wrestler, as the WWE talent. You kind of miss that star power right now. You do.”

H/T to Michael McClead of WrestleZone for the transcript.