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Taz fires back at fan for saying that Vince McMahon lives “rent-free” in his head

WWE/All Elite Wrestling

WWE/All Elite Wrestling

This week’s episode of WWE Raw opened with Kevin Owens impersonating Steve Austin. He came out to Austin’s music and even had a bald cap on to further build their confrontation at WrestleMania 38.

Taz brought up how the segment was similar to Don Callis coming out to Kenny Omega’s music during the AEW Revolution Buy-In Show.

A fan stated that these types of segments have been done for many years so Taz responded with:

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Finally, Taz put one fan in their place when the person stated that Vince McMahon is living “rent-free” in Taz’s head. The AEW personality pointed out how he decided to leave WWE years ago and wasn't let go. The fan has since deleted the tweet:

“Oh please get the fuck out of here dude! I’m just trying to have some fun with fans on here. Here is a history lesson, I quit their company. my choice…do the math. Very ridiculous statement by you. And I don’t need your disingenuous bullshit ‘all due respect’. Have a nice day!”