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Taz shoots on Triple H and WWE’s “invisible ranking system”



This week’s AEW rankings were released with Cody Rhodes being #1 in the men’s singles division.

A fan brought this up while tweeting to AEW color commentator Taz. Of course, Rhodes is an executive of All Elite Wrestling. Taz responded to the fan by drawing a comparison to Triple H, which is where he took a shot at the “The Game.”

According to Taz, unlike Triple H, Rhodes doesn’t bury talent behind their backs but rather puts them over.

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Over the years, there have been rumors during Triple H’s “reign of terror” in 2002-2003 that he did just that to keep his spot in the company.

“H has been #1 in their INVISIBLE ranking system for around 15 years! Also, CR puts over talent & doesn’t bury & crush people behind their backs, I can go on forever with this, sir u think u know what the deal is…but u have no idea what u are talking about regarding this.”

Taz also responded to another fan who claimed that he had sour grapes against the company, which isn’t the case according to the former WWE announcer.

“Dude really? I mean you have to be joking. Over 700 episodes of my podcast & they all exemplify zero bitterness for me. They never fired me, I left on my terms. No need for sour grapes.”