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Ted Dibaise says he feels pity for the Ultimate Warrior

Ted DiBiase, who has been critical of the Ultimate Warrior in the past spoke to the Inside the Ropes radio show about Ultimate Warriors upcoming induction into the WWE Hall of Fame:

I mean, I don’t hate the guy. It goes back to anybody that has watched the DVD, the Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior. That really tells the story. Obviously, if Vince has decided he needs to be in the Hall of Fame, I’m not going to begrudge that, and obviously, I’m going to be there. I, quite frankly, don’t know how many of my peers believe he really deserves it because, it’s not just about being the star, it’s about a number of things. It comes back down to the gratitude thing. None of us would be stars, when I was inducted, I had a list of people that I needed to thank. Harley Race was there in the crowd and I pointed Harley out. I think that’s it, the overall lack of gratitude that the Warrior has shown over the years, where it makes most of us go, ‘Who do you think you are?’ Doesn’t he realize that none of this would be happening if it wasn’t for a lot of help from a lot of people? I think that’s pretty much the consensus.

If I had to feel one thing toward Jim Hellwig, I guess it would be pity a little bit. I’ve heard other people say that he just generally has the attitude that it’s about succeeding in life, and you’re going to have to do what you can to get ahead. If that mean stepping on people along the way, then so be it. That, in my opinion, is a very sad commentary and a very poor way to look at life.

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