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Ted DiBiase, Jr and wife Kristen lose their child during preganancy

We are sad to report that Ted DiBiase, Jr. and his wife Kristen DiBiase recently found out that they have lost their unborn child. Kristen said that they lost the baby on October 21st.

She said, “Many of you know, Teddy and I lost a precious baby boy on oct 21 at 26 weeks pregnant. It has been devastating, heart breaking and life changing to say the least. I don’t know why this happened to me and I won’t spend all my energy on figuring that out either.”

Kristen said that she will serve people through Jesus and she praised her husband and kids. She added, “He is good not just because of the amazing husband I have or the best 3-year-old that has ever lived or the family and friends that have literally held me up the past 6 weeks and walked this out with me because all of that can be taken away in a breath- but because the same God of the universe that told the oceans where to stop ADORES me. And loved me enough to send His son to take on the sins of the world and died and y’all- HE ROSE. What?! Can we all just get over ourselves for a minute and think about what this means? HE LIVES and we get to live with Him. We get to walk through this broken, busted up, upside down world with a Hope. A Hope that this is not all there is for us.”

Our deepest condolences to the DiBiase family.

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