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Teddy Long on his release from WWE and Ryback’s issues with pay equality in WWE

Former WWE talent Teddy Long recently appeared on Pro Wrestling 24/7 to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights.

On if being mainstream is what makes WWE the biggest wrestling promotion in the world:

“I agree it’s the mainstream aspect and two what really makes it the brand, there isn’t any competition. There really is no one else around. You got, basically one organization, that’s running TNA, and I certainly wouldn’t say they are competition to WWE.”

On if he felt free after being released from the company:

“I didn’t feel so much as though I was free, they didn’t have me as a slave. But I was happy to be away from the wrestling business for awhile… But I can understand what Ryback is coming from.”

On Ryback’s issues with pay equality in WWE:

“There’s certain guys that receive a certain amount of pay and certain guys another amount, it determines where you are on the card. Sometimes you feel like you’re put into a position where you’re at the top of the card, or even midcard. And then you go to one of these big pay per views. And you expect to get more and you don’t get that, it kind of makes you feel, especially after you bust your butt, like you’re not appreciated……I kind of agree with him (Ryback) too. I’ve seen that happen to a lot of guys. Even myself, I’ve worked shows, like Wrestlemania and thought I was in a good spot for a good payday and then it didn’t happen, it came to be something else.”

You can listen to the interview here.

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