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Tenille Dashwood on what WWE Superstar would be a good fit for ROH

A lot has happened in Tenille Dashwood's career since her WWE release. It came at a time when nobody really saw it coming but the woman formally known as Emma to the WWE Universe was able to dust herself off in a big way and keep going.

Tenille recently spoke during a media call and said her WWE release was actually perfectly timed because she was able to join the Women Of Honor tournament where ROH crowned their first-ever WOH Champion.

Tenille was disappointed when she didn't get the win at the end of the tournament but she is still a huge supporter of the brand and sees big things to come down the line. Dashwood said she felt liberated when she left WWE because it meant her in-ring work didn't have the WWE handcuffs on it anymore and she's proving herself to be a formidable opponent in the ring as she gets to wrestle much longer matches.

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Now as she looks forward at what is to come, Tenille wouldn't mind having a familiar face alongside her. When asked who on the WWE roster would be a good fit for Women Of Honor she said, Bayley. Of course, there are more she would like to bring in but in the end, Dashwood commented about how well Bayley would fit in.

Bayley is experiencing her own career rejuvenation in many respects, especially if she turns heel. Now she must go to anger management training and possibly deal with some personal demons. Let's hope we find out why she likes hugging people. But, if WWE doesn't work out for her, it might be a good idea for Bayley to pick up the phone and call Tenille Dashwood.