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Terry Funk shares his memories of the late Dusty Rhodes

WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk appeared on Busted Open Radio this past week to talk about his memories of the late Dusty Rhodes. Here are the highlights.

Funk on his last time speaking to Dusty Rhodes:

"Oh heck, I don't know when it was. Probably a year or two ago… that's how we always went. Wrestlers are that way. We say we love each other and we say goodbye then we go onto the next town. We don't ever really say goodbye, justgo to the next town… the next day. And whether you see those guys, you see them again. I talked to him a few times through the years… probably a couple times a year. Telling him,whatever, you know, or just running into him. We always feel like we are going to run into each other again, we never say goodbye… it's just like, going down the road.

Funk on inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame:

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"It was [a special moment]. Of course it was. Like I said, he was a special guy. I just had so much compassion for him. You don't start out with somebody and go up and down the roads with em and learn together like we did. I would say that it was an education traveling with him and he would have told you the same thing about traveling with me, it was an education traveling with me."

You can check out the full podcast at this link.