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Tessa Blanchard teases signing with WWE NXT?

Tessa Blanchard

Impact Wrestling

Tessa Blanchard remains a free agent after departing from Impact Wrestling last year, but now has fans speculating about her potentially going to WWE NXT.

Blanchard shared a photo on Twitter with her holding a stack of Ted DiBiase's $1 million bills. The WWE Hall of Famer just wrapped up his run with Cameron Grimes on the brand last week on NXT TV. These $1 million bills were seen flying through the air as the two stars celebrated in the ring.

The most recent report about Blanchard’s future in the pro wrestling business was in April as it had been noted Blanchard and Daga were in talks to sign with All Elite Wrestling, but Dave Meltzer later dismissed this report by noting AEW is not in talks with Blanchard.

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There have been no recent reports about WWE being interested in Blanchard.