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Testimony during CM Punk trial revealed backstage information about Royal Rumble

Senior Director of Talent Relations Mark Carrano was a witness during the third day of the trial between Dr. Chris Amann and CM Punk. During his time on the stand, he revealed a number of interesting pieces of information about WWE and also included some tidbits about how the 2014 Royal Rumble worked.

Court cases can sometimes get into extensive questioning and according to Wrestle Zone they started with Mark Carrano admitting that pro wrestling is a competition but then he described it as a “live event action movie.”

Mark Carrano also admitted the Royal Rumble is predetermined which we all knew already but it’s still strange hearing a WWE official admit to it. He also revealed that the people in the Gorilla Position during the 2014 Royal Rumble were Vince McMahon, Triple H, Michael Hayes, and Billy Kidman.

Even though the match was put together by both Jamie Nobel and Michael Hayes only PS Hayes was in the Gorilla Position. He said there were 10-15 pro wrestlers lined up at any given time during the match as well so this was a crowded room at times. While Vince McMahon talked to the announcers on headset Billy Kidman was the Rumble timekeeper.

When Punk took a clothesline from Kofi Kingston during the match Mark Carrano said he Triple H and Hayes told Kidman to have the referee check on CM Punk to see if he was okay because Billy had a microphone to the referee’s earpiece.

Apparently, Punk wasn’t happy and he showed it in the ring. Carrano said CM Punk never complained about a lump and only mentioned a concussion the next day in Cleveland. Punk wanted to stay in the match and Carrano said he expressed worry that his future storylines would be harmed by affecting his Royal Rumble elimination. But Mark Carrano got a strange look from CM Punk when he said that he didn’t know what Punk’s creative plans were or what change he was talking about.

He said everyone in the Gorilla Position was concerned for Punk during the match and the Second City Savior was irate. He also mentioned how he wasn’t aware of any antibiotics that Punk was supposedly on nor was he aware of any kind of lump or MRSA staph infection.

Only time will tell how CM Punk’s trial turns out, but at least it has provided us with an excellent chance to peek behind the curtain a little bit during the 2014 Royal Rumble.

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