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The alternate ending to WWE Night Of Champions is revealed

As noted over the weekend, there were two scripts for WWE Night Of Champions. Bryan Alvarez noted that it was explained to him that WWE was waiting to see which script leaked out to the odds makers before the show. Brock Lesnar was the favorite to win in the betting before the show. That means that the script that had Brock winning was the one that leaked out. One script had Seth Rollins attacking Brock Lesnar with the briefcase. The other script had Seth Rollins attacking John Cena with the briefcase.

So, based on where the odds makers were going that was going to determine what script they were going to use. So, in a nutshell, they did the opposite of what the odds makers thought was going to be the finish. As crazy at it sounds, WWE actually determined the finish of the show based on what the odds makers were saying to swerve them.

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