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The backstory on the Bill DeMott resignation and news on who is replacing him

As many of you are aware right now, Bill DeMott announced his resignation from the company earlier this afternoon. The company has retweeted DeMott’s statement on their social media accounts. I am under the impression that only a select few knew what was going down earlier today with DeMott’s resignation.

There have been rumors going around that DeMott would be reassigned to the company headquarters in Stamford but I can confirm that DeMott is no longer employed with the company so that rumor appears to be false.

DeMott’s resignation comes on the heels of several developmental talent speaking out this week with claims on how they were treated while they were training under DeMott. Austin Matelson’s letter put the DeMott story front and center this week and that was followed up by another letter being posted online that was first sent out to talent relations by Ryan Collins in 2013.

Other names would corroborate the stories and some, including independent wrestler Terra Calaway noted on twitter that DeMott made racist comments directed at a Middle Eastern wrestler. Current Lucha Underground star Ivelisse, who was under a developmental deal with the company at one point, did not mention DeMott by name but it was certainly implied when she said on her twitter account earlier today, “If ya’ll only knew MY story… You know who I’m talking about. I lost everything for speaking up.. I was the first. The warning to others.” Apparently there were stories around the time she was released from WWE in 2012 about her being difficult to deal with while she was in developmental but I have never heard that. Actually, i’ve heard the opposite from people that have worked with her.

There were also statements from former talent Brandon Taven and we were getting emails on a daily basis from other people that wished to remain anonymous but were confirming that the DeMott stories were, for the most part, true. Former developmental talent Drew Donovan would also go on record on his Facebook page saying that the allegations were “one hundred percent true.” There was also the story from Ryan Nemeth about DeMott allegedly having a gun at the training center. The story is at this link. There is more on this on Austin Matelson’s podcast at this link. Earlier today there was a post about an alleged sexual harassment cover up. That is up at this link.

DeMott worked at last night’s NXT live event/TV taping and there were no hints that he would be let go or that he would resign from the company. As far as I know Bill DeMott had not talked about the recent allegations to anyone at NXT and whatever was said about the recent allegations was probably discussed privately with DeMott and WWE management. DeMott had remained silent on social media until his resignation announcement today.

The word in WWE is that Matt Bloom, aka Jason Albert aka Tensai, is taking DeMott’s place as head coach/trainer at least for now at the Performance Center. The change was announced in an email from Mark Carano to the developmental talent shortly after Bill DeMott announced his resignation.

When the first letter surfaced this week there was a feeling from some that this would blow over and the assumption from some people online was that these stories are coming from “bitter” ex-developmental talent. I’m sure there is some bitterness involved from some but I know there are people who have said things in private on DeMott and confirmed some of these stories. There are some wrestlers that have made it to the main WWE roster or have made it in other companies that have also confirmed some of these stories. The fact is that this was only going to get worse with more people coming out on podcasts and more letters getting posted online so DeMott’s days in the company, or at least in his position in developmental, were numbered and with so many people coming out to confirm these stories there really was no way DeMott could continue on as a trainer. The story got to the point where you just could not ignore it. You could argue that DeMott’s way of training was his way to weed out the weaker talent and he was just doing what was done when he was coming into the business. I can see some of that but the fact is, whether Bill took things too far or not, some of the things that were done in the 70s and 80s and even into the 90s to weed out guys can’t work today especially now that the inner working of the business are wide open and social media allows everyone to have an outlet to get their story out. Also, as TNA star Ethan Carter noted this week, taking liberties on wrestlers and purposely hurting them, if that is what he did, is not the same as being stretched in the Hart dungeon.

It should be noted that WWE has cameras everywhere in the Performance Center and everything can be played back at company headquarters so the company has gone out of their way to make sure that if any of the incidents talked about happened again then they would be documented on video. I have not heard of any incidents since 2013 when WWE first did their investigation.


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