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The Big Show on how his role has changed in WWE, future with the company, more



The Big Show recently spoke with Tim Fiorvanti of ESPN about his career and more. During the interview, Big Show was asked about improving his health and role in the company. He noted that he has been struggling with some really bad injuries for the past four years. He praised the company and Vince McMahon for developing the new crop of talent that is on the main roster. He said that he has taken the chance to step back a little bit and give the younger talents a chance to develop their brand and become the superstars they can be. Show added that it gives him a chance to maintain some things, and take care of some stuff. Regarding his health, he said that he is on board with his new diet and exercise. He feels great and younger now compared to where he was a few years ago, which was sluggish. “The ability for me to compete at a better level is definitely in sight, and I think that's reinvigorating for me."

Although The Big Show has hinted in previous interviews that his contract with WWE expires soon and that he might be retiring from pro wrestling, he is not planning to retire in the near future. He said that he is not going to go out there and try to be a world champion because he has already done that. He understands that this is a new era and there's a new changing of the guard. “I still have some time left on this contract. It depends on how my role is going to change. WWE is home, it's a family.” He noted that he will always be a part of the company as long as he can contribute in some positive way. “But I know there's a time when the sun sets on everything."

You can check out the full interview here.

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