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The Big Show says he considered leaving WWE in 2007 for a boxing career

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The Big Show recently spoke with the SB Nation website about almost leaving WWE in 2007 to pursue a boxing career.

Big Show claimed that he had a conversation with super heavyweight T.J. Wilson and noted, “I remember trapping [Wilson] in the comer, him getting out of the corner, and then I remember waking up in my Hummer with the keys in the ignition. Apparently, they had taken my gloves off, called the match, and I had taken my bag and walked out of the gym and was sitting in my car with the car running when I woke up… It scared the s–t out of me.”

Show never left WWE for boxing, but did get in the ring with Floyd Mayweather in 2008. He was punched by Mayweather at the No Way Out PPV in 2008, which led to him having his nose broken. Show would then go onto to face Mayweather at WrestleMania 24, which he lost.

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You can read the entire interview here.