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The Big Show talks about his recent injuries, why he disappeared from WWE TV, OVW and more



WWE Superstar The Big Show is the guest this week for the 300th episode of Sam Roberts' Notsam Wrestling podcast. Show is coming off his match with Randy Orton on this week's episode of WWE Raw.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

Big Show talked about his recent injuries: “I’ve been through hell the last couple years. I’ve had six hip surgeries in the past two and a half years. That’s why I dropped off the face of the map a little bit. It also gave me an opportunity to partner with Netflix to do the TV Show. I was fine when I got everything straightened out. I was back on set two months after my last hip surgery. I can see parts of the show where I wasn’t moving quite that well. The days were long. I’m in a lot better position now. I’m a lot stronger and healthier with no pain. After dealing with that for four years, it’s really nice not to have any pain.”

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Show discussed his demotion to OVW a few years after going to WWE: “When I got there (WWE), I was too comfortable. I think I got there, and yes, I would work hard. Yes, I would listen to veterans. But, I got too comfortable. I flew home after Nitros with Hulk (Hogan) on the plane. I was in main events every night and won most of my matches all the time. I was having a great time and I was on top of the world. I don’t think I realized at that time, there was no way for me to realize the amount of work a lot of guys put in to get to that point. On one hand, it would have been great to learn to work a territory and when I made it to the main stage, I would be a seasoned performer like I am now. But, at the same time, I don’t know anybody that is in this business that would have had the opportunities that I had would say I can’t take that opportunity. I need to go work a few territories first. At the time, it was a unique factor. I was a young kid, super athletic, long hair, a giant, and could do anything you asked me to do. I liked to have fun. Vince pissed me off back in the day. He sent me to Louisville for 10 months. Jim Cornette wanted me to haul the ring around behind my truck. My truck was worth more than his whole territory. I’m not pulling a ring behind my truck but I set the ring up. Those were experiences I should have got to start with. I didn’t get that I had to go from being WWE Champion at WrestleMania with Rock and Mick Foley and then go to Louisville in front of 7 people at an OVW show and haul around a ring to high schools and churches. Yes, it tested my commitment. It tested why am I in this? Why am I doing this? It actually through some of those hardships I created for myself, I actually learned a lot about myself and why I do love this business.”

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