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The Bludgeon Brothers already ditched those red outfits but they have sick new entrance music

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan were recently repackaged as The Bludgeon Brothers and everyone was excited to see those two big scary guys come out with huge hammers. Because that sounded like a good idea if someone is really big and intimidating let alone ominous and unpredictable… just give them huge hammers and feed them creepy lines about destruction and loving it.

The Bludgeon Brothers (2B?) showed up at a recent house show on WWE’s European tour in order to have their in-ring debut and people were not blown away by their ring attire. If anything, the red gear made people wonder what they were thinking and if the Bludgeon Brothers have some kind of post-apocalyptic/space story to their gimmick. Their attire was hard to really describe except it was different… very different.

Well, maybe WWE reads Twitter and saw how many people were commenting on Harper and Rowan’s attire because it looks like they’ve gone back to their former garb for the Barcelona show at least. They still didn’t have their huge hammers though but that might have been for the best. After all, as we’ve already discussed huge hammers in those guys hands might not have been the best creative decision in the first place. But maybe the hammers are to come they just couldn’t get them on the airplane.

But they still have some awesome new entrance music and that’s always cool. Let’s just hope when Harper and Rowan turn up on television once again they’ll get a real shot at turning their run around because those guys have incredible ability and really deserve a huge spotlight.

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