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The Briscoes expected in WWE by Summer, WWE comments on recent lawsuits

- The Briscoes are believed to be headed to NXT by mid-summer, reports Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer newsletter. If they take WWE's offer then that would mean that Jay would have to drop the the ROH title before they leave the company.

- The Boston Herald spoke with Konstantine Kyros, the lawler who is behind the lawsuits being filed against WWE by Billy Jack Haynes, Big Vito, and the widow of the late Nelson Frazier. He told the Herald, "A pattern has developed through what these former wrestlers have told me. They were subjected to pretty serious trauma during their career, and then after, they are left with very little when it comes to health care. The WWE seems to have taken the position that they don’t owe any further duty to these guys after they retire."

Jerry McDevitt was asked to comment on the litigation. He said, "They just ignore these things (such as the company paying for rehab for former talent if they have substance issues) and allege whatever they feel like alleging." He added, "You can’t do that as a lawyer. You have to be basing your allegations on a reasonable investigation of the facts. It’s not some creative writing exercise to see if you can get media attention...It’s an embarrassment to be a lawyer sometimes. It’s ridiculous that someone can try to blame someone because a gentleman with a weight problem died of a heart attack in the shower eight years after he last performed. It’s ridiculous to try and blame someone for that."

Frazier had wrestled months before his death and his last WWE match was about six years before his death.

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