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The Bullet Club’s t-shirt sales numbers are really insane

Let’s talk about two of our favorite things: The Bullet Club and money. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that during this past Thanksgiving week, The Bullet Club passed Rick and Morty for the first time and became the top-selling merchandise at Hot Topic. This is, even more, proof that pro wrestling fans know how to wait for a sale.

OneHourTees recently stated the Bullet Club has moved 417,430 units in the past four months which is way more than just too sweet.

If the Bullet Club were pulling in a royalty rate that would land them $7.50, and this is just a “for instance” because they might be making more per t-shirt, the numbers really add up regardless. And when I say add up I mean to around $3,130,725. Even if that number was split six ways it would be $521,787.50 apiece which is a ridiculous amount of extra money coming in for merchandise.

Good for them, they’ve worked really hard and obviously all of the hard work has paid off. But this number might just be the Hot Topic figures so who knows how much more merch they’ve moved at the ProWrestlingTees website or at their shows? Needless to say, this is a very good time for the BC.


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