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The curb stomp is technically not banned, reason why Seth Rollins stopped using it

The curb stomp is technically not banned but the finisher that he used last night on Monday Night Raw is his new finisher. That is apparently the explanation from WWE for why he is not using the move anymore. On this morning’s Wrestling Observer radio Dave Meltzer said that WWE doesn’t want to say that the move is banned because they don’t want to call attention to it.

If I was booking, I would have just added the stipulation that Rollins could not use the move on Sunday and that would allow him to debut a new move at the pay-per-view and from that day he would use that new move instead of the curb stomp. That’s just me though. As noted yesterday, I think most fans realize that the move is safe and Rollins goes out of his way to protect the guy that is taking the move but the feeling is that the company reacted to recent lawsuits from former wrestlers.

The decision to ban the move is a reaction to the recent lawsuits by former wrestlers. The company feels that they open themselves to liability if a wrestler suffers a head injury while taking the move. Clips of the curb stomp have also been removed from Rollins’ entrance.


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