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The Emmalina character reportedly played a big part in Emma's WWE release



As reported, WWE announced last weekend that Emma, Summer Rae, and Darren Young were all released from the company. While Darren Young and Summer Rae did not come as a major surprise due to both being inactive from television for the greater part of 2017, Emma was just starting to receive a mild bump in her status on the main roster, winning an elimination match to compete against Asuka at TLC, and subsequent match the following night on Raw.

There have been a variety of speculation of why Emma was abruptly fired from the company. Former WWE staff member James McKenna provided a bit of clarity on the latest The Sheet Podcast minisode.

McKenna stated that, while he worked there, Emma was indeed difficult to work with. This was mainly due to her shooting down ideas that were being presented to her, which made it difficult for Creative to write for her.

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What was considered the "nail in the coffin" for Emma's WWE status was the flop of the Emmalina character. Emmalina was reportedly the creation of Vince McMahon, which is why there was so much time invested in rebranding Emma. However, Emma reportedly did not like the character change, which left a very bad impression to the Chairman. The character was then dropped as soon as it debuted, and Emma returned back to her old gimmick.

While there were other factors that led to Emma's release, this was believed to be the biggest one, as it directly effected her reputation with Vince McMahon.

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