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The entire WWE roster is set to appear on Monday Night Raw

WWE (composite)

WWE (composite)

During the Survivor Series pay-per-view, it was announced that the entire main roster will be at Monday Night Raw.

At the pay-per-view, Vince McMahon revealed that he was given a golden egg as a gift from The Rock. The egg first appeared during the Kickoff Show when McMahon arrived at the arena in a limousine.

McMahon showed off the egg in a backstage segment with Roman Reigns but the egg disappeared by the time McMahon met with Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville. McMahon said that he wanted everyone to show up on Raw and he wanted Pearce to find out who stole his egg and that he (McMahon) would get to the bottom of the situation on Raw.

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The egg was also featured in The Rock's "Red Notice" film and there were tons of mentions of The Rock during the pay-per-view as they were celebrating the 25th anniversary of his debut. McMahon's segment with Reigns looked to be the first seed planted for an eventual Reigns/Rock feud.

Raw will take place at the same Barclays Center in Brooklyn that hosted the Survivor Series pay-per-view. Raw will be up against a big Monday Night Football game featuring the New York Giants against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.