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“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt is getting a lot of praise from his peers in WWE

It seems like everyone…or at least most of the people who work in WWE have been praising Bray Wyatt’s work as “The Fiend.”

Everyone I spoke to this week has praised him because he is someone who many felt deserved more during his previous run and he sat out for almost a year and came up with The Fiend character to revitalize his career. There was talk or repackaging Wyatt since last September. Wyatt himself felt that he needed to do something drastically different or else his career would be dead in the water.

Although there have been a few suggestions and tweaks made by others, most of the stuff that has been presented in the Firefly Fun House segments has come from Wyatt. He came up with the puppets, the verbiage and the overall story being told and the concept for the mask that was crafted by Tom Savini Studios. Tom Savini Studios also created the puppets, the Firefly Fun House set and the lantern used during The Fiend’s entrance.

I’m told that there are a lot of creative things coming for the character in the coming months and Vince McMahon is on board with his ideas.

If all goes according to plan, Wyatt will continue as one of the biggest (if not the biggest) heels in the company and at some point (it could be years from now) he’ll turn into one of (if not the biggest) babyfaces in the company. People in WWE are aware of the babyface reactions he is getting right now but I’m told there are no plans for him to turn right now.

The idea is to continue to protect him and not have him lose clean. That plan extends to the live events. On Friday night, Wyatt wrestled Seth Rollins and lost the match via disqualification. Click here to see the match from Friday night.


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