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The full list of WWE Hall of Fame entrants this year

Former WWWF Champion Ivan Koloff is another name expected to go into the WWE Hall Of Fame this year. Ivan Koloff became the WWWF World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Bruno Sammartino on January 18, 1971. Sammartino had held the title for over seven years to that point. The match is famous for the crowd reaction. It’s been said that when Koloff won the title you could hear a pin drop in MSG because the crowd was shocked at what they just saw. I guess you could compare it to The Undertaker’s streak being broken.

Here are the names going into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, along with names most likely to be announced for this year:

  • Macho Man Randy Savage (to be inducted by Hulk Hogan, Lanny Poffo to accept for Randy)
  • Kevin Nash (has been rumored for months and Nash has talked about it publicly)
  • Rikishi (to be inducted by The Usos)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (celebrity wing, likely to be inducted by Triple H)
  • Larry Zbyszko¬†(no word officially but my guess is that Bruno Sammartino inducts him or Koloff)
  • Ivan Koloff
  • Ray Stevens (likely to be inducted by Pat Patterson)


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