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The Hardys return at WrestleMania was a secret to everyone, including their opponents

The Hardy Boyz return to WWE was one of the worst kept secrets in the wrestling business because it was known for months that WWE was interested in bringing them back. They did everything to keep things a secret even during WrestleMania weekend. There’s a funny story about Jeff being at the hotel shortly before WrestleMania, talking to someone about his body being sore and getting ready to go to bed. Instead, he sneaked out with brother Matt and left to head out to Camping World Stadium for WrestleMania. It was still a shock to most of us because there was speculation that they would return after WrestleMania (perhaps on Raw) and it didn’t seem likely that they would be inserted into a Tag Team Championship match on their first night back with the company.

As it turns out, the Hardys return at WrestleMania was a surprise to their opponents because they were not told anything until a couple of hours before the match. In an interview with USA Today, Karl Anderson said that he had heard the rumors. He said, “We found out a couple of hours before we had to work. We had some kind of expectation because the rumors were flying for a couple of weeks. The day of is when we got word they were coming. We were all very happy with it. At the end of the day, Jeff and Matt Hardy helped make the WWE tag team division what it is. The ladder tag team matches they had at WrestleMania in the past made those matches famous. Being in there at WrestleMania with Matt and Jeff Hardy was an honor in itself. It was a great moment to be part of and I’m glad we got that.”

Corey Graves has already gone on record saying that his reaction was legitimate because he was not told anything and found out just like the rest of us did. No doubt, keeping things a mystery paid off because The Hardys return at WrestleMania was the most watched YouTube video in the world on that day and, as of this writing, the video has been watched over 14 million times. Not bad at all.


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