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The internet reacts to Kane’s return

Kane returned to Raw this week and surprised the WWE Universe. It was an especially shocking turn of events seeing how Kane is actually in the middle of a mayoral campaign. He’s looking to become Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee but apparently, he has enough downtime to put his mask back on and get back in the ring.

But it looks like there will be at least one more match with Kane at TLC where he will be the fifth partner in the main event handicap match against The Shield. This is a smart booking decision because it will certainly protect Kane in the match (in theory), but it is still an interesting booking decision.

Some people are saying Kane’s return will be to avenge his brother’s loss at WrestleMania 33. Still, others are holding out hope Kane’s return might mean an eventual return of The Undertaker himself.

WWE’s resident musicians CFO$ got the chance to re-record Kane’s iconic theme music. Therefore if you noticed it sounded a little different last night it wasn’t because you haven’t heard it for a while. Because it is, in fact, a new version.

There was also no shortage of fan opinion concerning Kane’s surprise return. Some fans had theories and others just wanted to make some jokes. But all joking will be over when TLC takes place because Kane looks like he’s going to get back to business as usual as he looks to take out The Shield.

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