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The latest news on Sting and WWE and news on locations for the next few WrestleManias

As previously mentioned, Sting has signed a deal with WWE and he is not expected on television anytime soon. It was a safe bet that he was going to sign a deal since TNA opted not to renew his deal. Sting was under the assumption that he would be wrestling The Undertaker next year but that apparently looks like it won’t be happening.  Years ago The Rock said that the guys he’d like to have matches with were Randy Savage, Rey Mysterio, and Sting but he might feel differently about that now. The talk has been that The Rock would be wrestling Brock Lesnar next year but even that is not a definite. The original plan for this year was Brock. vs. Rock. There was talk about Sting coming in as a Raw general manager but nothing is clear right now.

There were representatives from Columbus, Ohio, Indianapolis, Toronto, and Philadelphia this past week in New Orleans. Ohio Stadium (holds 102,329 for football games) was pitched by the city of Columbus. That would mean that they would break the all-time attendance record. Dallas Stadium is what has been heavily rumored for 2016 for WrestleMania 32. Orlando is said to be the favorite for WrestleMania 33 in 2017 so the cities mentioned above could be bidding for WrestleMania 34 in 2018.

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