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The latest on Adam Cole’s WWE status

Today is the day when Adam Cole officially becomes a free agent but while it looks like he is done with WWE and all signs point to him going to AEW, nothing is guaranteed.

Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Cole is set to become a free agent today and has not signed a WWE contract but those close to the situation say that he has not yet decided on his future.

It’s possible that he wanted his contract to expire so he could legally speak with AEW and see what their offer is. Meltzer noted that Vince McMahon definitely wants to keep him.

If Cole decides to sign a new WWE deal then he would debut on the main roster. A couple of weeks ago around the time when Cole met with Vince McMahon, the writing team was told to come up with ideas for him.

With that being said, PWInsider said that internally in WWE, the company is moving on as if he is done. Cole updated his Twitter bio and no longer lists the WWE Shop link to his merchandise. If Cole signs with AEW then, in theory, he could show up as soon as this coming Wednesday night or at All Out.

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