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The latest on CM Punk

The latest Wrestling Observer newsletter has an update on CM Punk. People in and out of WWE are looking at the March 3rd Raw from Chicago.

Basically, either Punk returns to WWE on that show and gets an amazing reaction from the crowd or Punk does not return and the crowd turns on WWE. There is a lot of concern about that right now. There was not much concern over the weekend shows because while there were some chants it wasn’t anything sustained and even on Raw there were a few Punk chants but they died down quickly.

In the company almost nobody is taking Punk’s side with regards to how he walked out 30 minutes before going live on the air. However, many people do sympathize with him and understand the points he made about being promised things and the feeling in the company that you can’t be a true number 1 guy if you don’t have the look they’re going for.

It still does not appear that Punk is in contact with many people. Even friends that have reached out to him have not heard from him.

There are people that believe Punk may not be back at all this year. I guess we’ll find out on 3/3.

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