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The latest on CM Punk's relationship with WWE

Several readers have asked about CM Punk this week after WWE put up the CM Punk Beyond The Ring documentary on the network. The word this week is that nothing has changed and the relationship between Punk and WWE is the same as it was in February. The only reason they aired the documentary and promoted it on Raw was because the company felt that it could help get some extra subscriptions for the network. In fact, if you go back and watch, you will notice that the announcers never actually say Punk's name on the air. They were told not to mention his name at all. The only time his name was mentioned was during the commercial for the documentary.

CM Punk merchandise will remain on the WWEShop website as long as they can make money off of it. Since he is one of their top merchandise sellers it would be silly for them to stop selling it until there's little demand for it.

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