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The latest on Paige, Alberto Del Rio says WWE has finally decided to help her

As noted on Wednesday, Paige will be getting surgery next week on 10/19 and she will be recovering for the next several months. She will be seeing the same doctor that performed Tyson Kidd’s neck surgery. Dave Meltzer reported that WWE doctors believe that she does not need surgery and it has become a legal contentious issue. WWE pays for surgeries when it’s approved by one of their doctors. Obviously, things are not looking good for both sides working together again. Alberto told Busted Open Radio that the things happening with Paige are mostly unfair to her. He didn’t go into details because he didn’t want to get more heat on her from WWE. He said that she’s been hurt for a while and he was paying for her physical therapy for a while and WWE finally “decided to do something to help her.” I presume that means that they are paying for her surgery but he did not make that clear.

Alberto Del Rio has mentioned the talk about WWE trying to break them up and with the conflict about her surgery and the statements from Paige and family about WWE, things definitely do not look good. It’s rare for WWE to push back and issue anything other than the standard statement but the statement to the NY Post about her failing for an illegal substance is a clear sign that they are not happy.

Alberto told the media during his NYC trip that he is expecting to work with TNA soon but it all depends on their financial situation. If TNA has funds to pay him then he would likely start with them at the January tapings.

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