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The latest on Ryback and WWE



The last word, as of this past weekend, on Ryback and WWE is that there has been no communication between both parties. That was pretty obvious after the tweet he sent out on Sunday night where he asked fans if they wanted to see "Ryborg" in the Impact Zone. As noted before, Ryback was sent home several weeks ago after he and Vince McMahon could not agree to terms for a new deal.

The feeling is that WWE will either let his contract expire or he could be released sooner. He could be released at any minute and it would not surprise anyone if that does happen. Ryback wanted a higher downside guarantee than the company was offering and there were some other stipulations that he wanted. One of the stipulations was said to be a deal breaker.

I should note that Ryback has trademarked or attempted to trademark several names and phrases within the last year. He has trademarked "The Big Guy,"Feed Me More," "Unlimited Energy," "Wake Up It's Feeding Time," and "Break It Take It" so clearly he has some ideas for his post-WWE career.

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"The Big Guy" was published for opposition on 5/3/16 and the name is listed for "Conducting entertainment exhibitions in the nature of performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer; Entertainment information; Entertainment services, namely, personal appearances by a sports celebrity."

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